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About the Project

Mapping Waterville: Urban Renewal was built by members of "Mapping Waterville," an American Studies and Humanities lab course at Colby College in Fall 2015. They are Ernie Aguilar-Arizmendi, Aidan Black, Hannah Brozdowski, Kyle Douglas, Andrew Estrada, Kayla Freeman, Brad Gaffin, Carl Lipani, Ian Liphart, C-P Majgaard, Robbi Melvin, Henry Morris Wallrapp, Emily Rosales, Brian Sommers, and Sophie Swetz. The course is taught by Ben Lisle.

We have been assisted by many and hope to hear from many more in the Waterville community. Erin Rhodes in Special Collections and Mark Wardecker in Academic ITS have been powerful and indispensible allies. Bryan Finnemore has been a crucial liaison to the materials of the Waterville Historical Society. Ann Beverage, from the City of Waterville Planning Department, has supplied us with many historic maps and photos of the city. This is a lab course, grant-funded by the Center for Arts and Humanities at Colby; thanks to Kerill O'Neill and Megan Fossa for their support. Thanks also to Jason Parkhill in Academic ITS, Pat Burdick in Special Collections, Sarah Sugden from the Waterville Public Library, and Jen Folsom Audie.

Isabel Friedman '18 is the digital fellow for Mapping Waterville.

Additional kudos to members of the inaugural edition of "Mapping Waterville" in Fall 2014, whose projects can be found here.