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Urban Renewal History


Urban Renewal in Waterville was at the time a very positive solution, but as time has gone on, these positive results have begun to fade. This section aims to provide a background on Urban Renewal in general as well as situating Waterville's Urban Renewal efforts within the efforts made by other cities around the country. It provides general information about the process as well as a look into some of the specific projects taken on throughout the Urban Renewal process. This section also provides some insight into the future and what changes are upcoming for Waterville.


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The biography page offers a comprehensive list of notable figures during Urban Renewal. Included in the descriptions is biographical information involving where these individuals lived, their employment background, their involvement in Urban Renewal, and more. Click on a name on the right to view a description.


Urban renewal in Waterville was a complex phenomenon, affected simultaneously by federal renewal laws and issues unique to the city itself. As such, the terminology involved with this period in Waterville's history is equally intricate. Click on a term on the right to view its definition.

Economic Analysis of the Urban Renewal Project

A once thriving city and important retail center for Mid-Maine, 1950's-Waterville began to see its economic prosperity falter. Urban Renewal in Waterville, Maine was a costly and timely process that ended up helping the city return to prominence as a commercial and economic center in Maine in the 1970's. However, as time went by, that momentum began to fade and Waterville dropped back to its stagnant retail revenues, low employment rates, and low income. 

This section aims to answer some of the financial questions brought up by the urban renewal project, such as how it was funded and how much it costed, as well as to tell the story about how this city was affected by Urban Renewal. Click a link to learn more.   

Urban Renewal: A Brief History

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