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An Exploration of Waterville's South End in the 1930's

This mapshows Waterville's South End neighborhood in the 1930s. The blue buildings are those still present today and the red...Read more.

A Concourse for Her Desires: Gender and Urban Renewal

This exhibit explores how men’s views about women played an important role in shaping many decisions to remake downtown as...Read more.

Downtown Waterville Before Urban Renewal

Note on Sources This map was based off of a 1930s Sanborn map of Waterville that detailed addresses and locations of...Read more.

Effects of Urban Renewal on Downtown Waterville

This map looks at how urban renewal changed the landscape of Waterville in the years after Renewal was finished all...Read more.

A Chronological Map of Waterville Urban Renewal

Click on the datedtimeline atthe bottom of the exhibit and scroll using your arrow keys. Be sure to check out...Read more.

A Drive with the Planners: Characterizations of Waterville Neighborhoods in 1966

The opinions and desires of influential people in Waterville greatly shaped the focus of the urban renewal efforts that took...Read more.